When Spider Ruled the World

Spider ruled the world, and everyone worked on Spider's farm. Spider owned all the land, so if someone died, only Spider could bury the corpse.
One day Spider went into his fields where everyone was working. He hit Elephant on the head. Dead!
"I'll bury him," said Spider, but he took Elephant home and ate him.
The next day, Spider came, hit Leopard. Dead! Then he took the corpse to eat in secret.
Chimpanzee saw. 
The next day, Spider was about to hit Chimpanzee, but Chimpanzee hit Spider first: SMASH. 
Spider's head got small.
That's why Spider's head is small.

Inspired by: "Spider and Chimpanzee" in Royal Antelope and Spider by Marion Kilson, 1976, which is a book of Mende stories.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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