The Vulture, King of the Birds

Vulture was king of the birds, and he was cruel, making the other birds his slaves. They couldn't even build nests without his permission.
The Eagles revolted; Vulture sent them into exile.
The Chickens revolted; Vulture took away their ability to fly.
Peacock, however, seduced Vulture. She was so kind and so beautiful, and such a good cook too. Vulture just had to marry her.
So he did.
Peacock prepared a sumptuous meal for her husband. He ate it greedily. She really was a good cook!
But the meal was poisoned.
Thus Peacock freed all the birds from Vulture's tyranny.

Inspired by: "The Peacock and the Vulture" in Once upon a time in Africa by Joseph Healy, 2004.
Notes: You can read the original story online. This is an Igbo (Ika) fable from Nigeria. The original story also makes a reference to Dove being the god of the birds.

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