The Sheep in the Fox's Den

Sheep felt cold, so he sought shelter in a cave. 
It was Fox's den!
Rabbit came and said, "Who's in there?"
"He-With-Horns-Who-Butts-Every-Enemy," shouted Sheep.
Rabbit was scared, and she ran.
Hyena came and said, "Who's in there?"
"He-With-Horns-Who-Butts-Every-Enemy," shouted Sheep.
Hyena was scared, and she ran.
Fox came and said, "Who's there in my den?"
"He-With-Horns-Who-Butts-Every-Enemy," shouted Sheep.
Fox ran away; then she thought about what to do. After a while she went back to her den and said, "O He-With-Horns-Who-Butts-Every-Enemy! Would you like me to be your housekeeper?"
Sheep let Fox in.
Then Fox killed Sheep and ate him.

Inspired by: "The Sheep and the Goat" in Ethiopian Folktales collected by Elizabeth Laird (website).
Notes: You can read the original story online. In the original story, Hyena is the one who tells Fox what to do, but I wasn't sure how Hyena would know since she ran away too, so I left that part out. Also, the original story starts with a sheep and goat eating together in a field, but the goat doesn't figure in the rest of the story.

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