The Priest and the Date-Liquor

A priest visited a parishioner, who offered him some date-liquor.
"Just a little," said the priest.
They drank.
"A toast to my wife!" said the parishioner.
They drank.
"A toast to my son-in-law!" 
They drank.
More toasts, more drinking, and when the priest left he was so drunk they had to lift him up onto his donkey.
As he rode home, the donkey fell into a pond. The donkey drank some water.
"A toast to the wife!" 
The donkey didn't drink any more.
"To the son-in-law!"
The donkey still refused.
"My donkey is wiser than I am," groaned the priest.

Inspired by: "The Coptic Priest of Bahgura" in Cairene and Upper Egyptian Folk-Lore by A. H. Sayce, in Folklore, 1920 
Notes: You can read the original story online. The story is told about a Coptic priest drinking araki, which is date-liquot.

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