The Frogs and the Cows

The king of the country decided where each animal should live. For some animals, the land was best; for other animals, the river was best. 
Cows lived on the land, and frogs lived in the river. But the cows, and all the other land animals, came to the river to drink.
"Hey you, cows! Stop drinking our water!" the frogs shouted at the cows. "Go away! Leave the water alone! You're going to use it all up."
"Relax, frog! There's plenty of water," said one of the cows. "After all, a cow can't stop drinking just because a frog complains."

Inspired by: "A Cow and a Frog's Family" in East African folktales by Vincent Kituku, 1997.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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