Muhammed and His Father

Muhammed followed his father, a woodcutter, into the forest. 
"Where are you?" he shouted. "Here!" answered his father. 
Then his father put down his axe and went to get water. 
"Where are you?" Muhammed shouted. 
"Here!" answered the wicked axe.
Muhammed found the axe, but not his father. He was alone! He searched frantically everywhere, but couldn't find his father.
Finally he picked up some clay and shaped three cows and a bull. 
"O God," he said, "make these real!"
They became real.
Muhammed became a farmer in the forest. He prospered and grew rich.
But he missed his father. 

Inspired by: "Huda the Dove" in Wisdom from the Nile by Ahmed Al-Shahi, Ahmed and F. C. T. Moore, 1978.
Notes: You can read the original story online. In the original story, this is a regular event that goes on every day, and it is just on one momentous day that the axe acts wickedly and pretends to be the father. This is the first part of the story; you can see what happens next: Muhammed and the Animals.

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