Tortoise and the Waterhole (2)

After Rabbit tricked the animals guarding the waterhole — Hyena, Leopard, Elephant, all of them —Lion turned to Tortoise. "You must stop Rabbit from drinking our water!" Lion said.
Tortoise smiled and sank down into the water
Tortoise waited.
And waited.
And finally... Rabbit arrived. Excited to see no guard on duty, he jumped into the water, where Tortoise bit him on the foot, hard.
Rabbit screamed. Rabbit jumped. Rabbit did everything he could to break free, but Tortoise didn't let go.
Hearing the commotion, the other animals came running. They laughed at Rabbit, and Lion sentenced him to death.

Inspired by: "Hare Refuses to Dig a Well"  in Talking Animals by Wilfrid Hambly, 1949.
Notes: You can read the original story online. This is a continuation of Rabbit and the Waterhole (1). See what happens next: The Lion Sentences Rabbit to Death.

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