Lion Sentences Rabbit to Death (3)

When Rabbit drank from the forbidden waterhole, Lion sentenced him to death.
"I understand, O King," said Rabbit humbly. "I only ask that you let me sing one last song before I die."
Lion enjoyed Rabbit's music, so he agreed. "One song! Then you must die."
Then Rabbit began to sing, and as he sang, he danced, pounding his feet against the ground, raising a cloud of dust. He raised so much dust the animals could not see him anymore. 
"That's enough, Rabbit!" Lion shouted.
But when the dust settled, Rabbit was gone.
Rabbit had fooled all the animals again!

Inspired by: "Hare Refuses to Dig a Well"  in Talking Animals by Wilfrid Hambly, 1949.
Notes: You can read the original story online.  This concludes the story that began here: Rabbit and the Waterhole (1). The illustration is from Hambly's book by James Porter:

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