The Two River-Hogs

Two river-hogs journeyed together.
When night came, one said, "I'm tired. I need to sleep!"
"I'm not tired," said the other, "so I will go ahead. You can catch up with me tomorrow."
The river-hog proceeded cautiously in the dark. Hearing the sound of falling dirt ahead of him, he stopped and waited. At dawn he saw a hole in the road.
When his companion arrived, he jumped up and said, "Wait! Stop! Those who are two together tell one another: there's a hole ahead; be careful."
"Thank you!" said his companion, and by cooperating they reached their destination safely.

Inspired by: "The Story of Mr. River-hog and His Fellow River-hog"  in Lamba Folklore by Clement M. Doke, 1927.
Notes: You can read the original story online. I know this is not much of a story, but I don't have a lot of stories about river-hogs, also known as bush-pigs.

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