The Aardvark, the Cane-Rat, and the Spider

A man was traveling to see the king, accompanied by Aardvark, Cane-Rat, and Spider. 
When their path was blocked by a mountain, he said, "Aardvark, burrow through this mountain for us!"
Aardvark burrowed, and they passed through.
When their path was blocked by many reeds, he said, "Cane-Rat, cut down these reeds for us!"
Cane-Rat gnawed and the reeds toppled.
When their path was blocked by a river, he said, "Spider, spin a bridge for us!"
Spider spun a web, and they walked across.
When they reached the palace, the king praised the man and also Aardvark, Cane-Rat, and Spider.

Inspired by: "The Story of the Man Who Sought Out Three Servants" in Lamba Folklore by Clement M. Doke, 1927.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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