The Man With No Scars

A beautiful woman refused all suitors because they had scars.
Finally a man came with no scars; she married him.
Then one night he told her, "Bring me a hammer and nails."
She obeyed, and he nailed shut all the doors of their house.
Next, he turned into a python, and he swallowed her!
She shouted for help, but the people thought it was a game the husband and wife were playing.
When no one emerged from the house, they broke in; seeing the python lying there, they cut it open, and the woman came out.
She never married again.

Inspired by: "The Girl and the Python" in Anthropological report on Sierra Leone: Stories (Temne) by Northcote Thomas, 1916.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The original story has an incident about food that comes before the dramatic night confrontation. I added the part about her never marrying again based on other similar tales which end that way.

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