The Lizard and the Vulture

Lizard and Vulture were friends.
When Lizard's daughter came of age, Lizard arranged a dance. "Vulture," he said, "I need feathers to make headdresses for the dancers."
Vulture let Lizard pluck his feathers. It took a long time for them to grow back, but they did grow back.
When Vulture's daughter came of age, Vulture arranged a dance. "Lizard," he said, "I need skin to make cloaks for the dancers."
Lizard let Vulture peel off his skin.
Then the flies attacked Lizard. He jumped in the water, and fish swarmed around his red flesh, nibbling him.
That's how Lizard died.

Inspired by: "The Story of Mr. Water-lizard and Mr. Vulture" in Lamba Folklore by Clement M. Doke, 1927.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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