The Rabbit and the Guinea-Fowl's Game

Rabbit was friends with a Guinea-Fowl.
"Let's play a game!" he said. "I'll get in this crate, and you lift me up and down, up and down."
Rabbit got in the crate, but Guinea-Fowl couldn't lift him up. "You're too heavy," said Guinea-Fowl sadly.
"That's okay," said Rabbit. "Now you!" Guinea-Fowl got in the crate and Rabbit shut the lid; then he lifted the crate up and down, up and down.
"That's a good game," said Guinea-Fowl. "Now let me out."
But Rabbit didn't let Guinea-Fowl out.
He took the crate to Leopard and they feasted on the Guinea-Fowl together.

Inspired by: "The Story of Mr. Little-hare and the Guinea-fowl" in Lamba Folklore by Clement M. Doke, 1927.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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