The Party of the Horned Animals

"The horned animals are having a party," said Hornbill.
"Then we'll wear horns!" said Rabbit. 
So Rabbit and Hornbill made horns of beeswax and went to the party.
After a while, Hornbill whispered, "The wax is melting."
"What did he say?" Cow asked Rabbit. 
"He said: give us beer," so Cow gave them beer.
"It's really melting," said Hornbill, more loudly.
"What did he say?" Goat asked Rabbit.
"He said: give us wine," so Goat gave them wine.
At last the wax was all gone.
"They don't have horns!" bellowed Buffalo, and then both Rabbit and Hornbill made their escape.

Inspired by: "Hare Makes Himself Horns of Beeswax" in The Ila-Speaking Peoples Of Northern Rhodesia, Volume 2 by Edwin Smith and Andrew Murray Dale, 1920.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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