18. The Hawk who Imitated the Hen

Returning from market, Hen saw Hawk coming towards her. She tucked her leg under her wing and then said, "Hello, Hawk!"
"Hello!" he replied. "What did you buy at the market?"
"I bought meat," Hen answered.
"Was it expensive?" Hawk asked.
"I paid with my leg," said Hen. "You'll be able to buy a lot of meat with your big leg. Shall I cut it off for you?"
"Yes, please!" said Hawk.
Hen cut off Hawk's leg, and he couldn't walk anymore. 
"I'll kill you for this!" Hawk shouted.
Ever since, hawks chase chickens, and chickens still tuck their legs.
[an Ankole story from Uganda]

Inspired by: "The Hawk and the Hen" in The Banyankole by John Roscoe, 1923.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The Ankole people live in Uganda.

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