195. Chief Mangeh and Her Cattle

There was a woman named Mangeh who became the chief of her people, but her brother hated her and stirred up the people against her.
When she died, they buried her near a swamp.
Then Mangeh's spirit arose from the grave as a strong wind. The wind toppled trees. It swept away cattle and people, blowing them down into the swamp. 
Now she rules them in a village at the bottom of the swamp. You can hear Mangeh's cattle bellowing in the swamp, the sound of drums drumming, people singing, grindstones grinding.
If you see Mangeh's cattle, you will die.
[a Lozi story from Zambia]

Inspired by: "Mange" in Barotseland: eight years among the Barotse by D. W. Stirke, 1922.
Notes: You can read the original story online. Barotseland, now incorporated into Zambia, is the home of the Lozi people. In the story her name is spelled Mange, but I added the "h" at the end to prompt people to show it is not a silent-e at the end as in English.

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