Dog and Fox Go to Town

Wandering outside of town, a dog met a fox. 
"Come with me to town!" said Dog.
"Why?" asked Fox.
"For the food!" said Dog excitedly. "We'll take what we want and have a feast."
Fox followed Dog to town. "Let's start with chicken!" said Dog, and he grabbed a fat hen. 
The people shouted and beat Dog with a club.
Fox and Dog both ran.
Fox noticed Dog was crying. "Why are you crying?" she asked.
"It's from being educated," Dog. "They beat me to teach me lessons. It's a painful education."
Fox left the town and never came back.

Inspired by: "Dog and Fox" in The Shilluk people, their language and folklore  by Diedrich Westermann, 1912.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The book also contains the Shilluk text; you can find out more about the Shilluk people of South Sudan at Wikipedia. This story resembles Aesop's fable about the dog inviting the wolf to come live in town, but the wolf prefers his freedom to the dog's chain.

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