Wolf Steals Rabbit's Pig

Rabbit was courting Wolf's daughter. 
Waiting on the porch, Rabbit heard Wolf say, "Keep Rabbit here this evening. I'm going to steal Rabbit's prize pig."
Rabbit ran home lickity-split and hid, watching.
Then he saw Wolf take his pig and put it in a sack.
When Wolf went to fetch a cart, Rabbit hopped in the sack with the pig.
Wolf returned, threw the sack into the cart, and drove off. 
From inside the sack, Rabbit moaned, "Oooooooooooo-eeee-ooo!"
"Who's there?" said Wolf.
"The devil's in that sack," shouted Wolf, and he took off running.
Rabbit took his pig home.

Inspired by: Tales of the Rabbit from Georgia Negroes by Emma Backus (in JAF, online at Hathi).
Notes: This story is When Brer Rabbit Save the Pig." In Backus's verison, Wolf and Bear are collaborating. To shorten the story, I focused on Wolf, and had him tell the plan to his daughter.


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