How Rabbit Got His Long Ears

When Rabbit boarded Noah's ark, he had short little ears, kind of like a mouse. Not like Rabbits today.
Times were hard there in in the ark: forty days and nights of rain, and even Noah got nervous when the ark started leaking. 
All the animals were gossiping and spreading rumors, and Rabbit listened at every keyhole to hear everybody's business. Elephants ate too much, Dogs snored, Goats wouldn't share their tobacco, and so on. 
By the time they reached land, Rabbit's ears had grown tall from stretching to listen at keyholes, and Rabbit's ears are long to this day.

Inspired by: How and why stories, recorded by John C. Branner (online at Hathi), with illustrations by R. K. Culver.
Notes: This story is "21 Why the Rabbit Has Long Ears," and here is an illustration showing Rabbit's short ears when he entered the ark:

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