Lapin and Bouki in the Smokehouse

"I'm starving!" Bouki told Lapin.
"I'll share my secret way into the Frenchmen's smokehouse," said Lapin. "But don't be greedy."
Lapin showed Bouki a hole in the smokehouse wall. They crept in. 
Lapin carved a small piece of meat, but Bouki unrolled a bag he had brought and began filling it.
"Fool!" said Lapin, and he hopped back out through the hole. 
Bouki finally tied his bulging sack, ready to leave, but the bundle was too big for the hole.
Bouki pushed and shoved, shoved and pushed, all night long.
Then dawn came. 
The Frenchmen caught Bouki and whipped him.

Inspired by: Buying the Wind: Regional Folklore in the United States by Richard Dorson.
Notes: This is "Bouki and Lapin in the Smokehouse" recorded by Calvin Claudel in 1883 from his mother, Mrs. Leota Edwards Claudel. The opening part of the story has Bouki trying to trick the rooster into crowing to wake Lapin to go sooner.


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