Rabbit in Gilyard's Cave

Rabbit had to rescue the little Rabbits from Gilyard's cave!
He gathered supplies: thread from Spider, light from Lightning-Bug, poison from Rattlesnake.
Then he got meat from Bear's butcher-shop, smearing it with poison.
After tying the thread to a tree, Rabbit entered the cave, using the light to find his way. 
At last he saw them: Gilyard, and the little Rabbits in cages.
Rabbit threw the meat at the sleeping dragon, who gobbled it up and died.
Rabbit took the key from Gilyard's pocket, freed his children, and they ran back out, holding the thread.
Nobody mourned the dead dragon.

Inspired by: The Days When the Animals Talked by William J. Faulkner.
Notes: This is a continuation of Brer Rabbit's Children Follow Brer Wolf. In the original story, Lion lives in the cave with Gilyard the dragon, and Rabbit tricks them into fighting with each other before the poisoned meat kills them off. To keep things simpler, I focused on Gilyard. Also, Rabbit makes a first visit into the cave to survey the situation, and since he doesn't have the thread, he makes his way by keeping his left hand always against the cave wall, and then he can come out again by keeping his right hand against the wall. I left out that episode and just had Brer Rabbit go into the cave fully ready for the rescue. 

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