Rabbit and the Dragon's Treasure

When Rabbit rescued the little Rabbits from the dragon's cave, he saw the dragon's treasure in there, and he knew the thread would get him safely in and out. 
Tiger also heard about the treasure. He caught Rabbit and tied him up in his own home. "You can have one half," Tiger said, "and I'll take the other half. Just show me how to get in and out of the dragon's cave."
"It's my treasure, not yours!" shouted Rabbit. 
"I'll come back tomorrow and ask you again," said Tiger. "If you say no tomorrow, I'll eat you for my breakfast."

Inspired by: The Days When the Animals Talked by William J. Faulkner.
Notes: This is a continuation of Rabbit in Gilyard's Cave. In the original story, Bear and Tiger gang up on Rabbit, but I focused on Tiger. Also, Lizard comes and finds Rabbit and carries the message to the other animals, but I had the little Rabbits do that. To find out what happens next, see Brer Rabbit, Brer Tiger, and the Treasure.

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