Brer Rabbit's Children Follow Brer Wolf

"Don't wander off," Rabbit said to the little Rabbits. "Gilyard might eat you!"
Wolf, meanwhile, dressed up as a little old lady, and he strolled down the road singing, "Rabbits like to hippity-hop, nibbling on the turnip tops."
Rabbit's children hopped after the lady, singing along.
"Go sing inside that cave," Wolf said sweetly, "and you'll hear your voices echoing."
That cave was the den of Gilyard the dragon! 
Back at home, Rabbit wondered where his children had gone.
He followed their tracks all the way to Gilyard's den.
"Oh no!" groaned Rabbit. "Tracks going in, but none coming out."

Inspired by: The Days when the Animals Talked by William J. Faulkner.
Notes: This is "Brer Rabbit Rescues His Children" (p. 169). In the story, Fox and Wolf gang up together, but I changed it to just be Wolf. To find out what happens next, see: Rabbit in Gilyard's Cave.


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