Rabbit in the Dragon's Hen-House

Now Rabbit was locked in Gilyard's hen-house, and Gilyard was going to eat him for breakfast.
But when Fox walked by, he heard Rabbit laughing.
"What are you laughing about?" asked Fox.
"I've never seen such fat hens," shouted Rabbit. "I'll be Gilyard's breakfast, but I'm going to feast on his hens all night long."
"Let me have some!" begged Fox.
"Alright," Rabbit agreed. "There's enough for us both. Unlatch the door and come on in."
Fox unlatched the door. 
Rabbit hopped out. Fox hopped in.
Then Rabbit slammed the door shut and latched it.
Gilyard ate Fox for breakfast.

Inspired by: The Days when the Animals Talked by William J. Faulkner.
Notes: For the first half of this story, see The Dragon and the Sheep-Thief.

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