Rabbit and Tiger's Pig

Tiger knew Rabbit was trying to steal his pig, so he put the pig in the house and waited in the pigpen.
Rabbit showed up around midnight.
"Oink oink," said Tiger, just like a pig.
Rabbit put Tiger in his sack and ran. "This is one big pig!" Rabbit groaned.
Then Tiger ripped open the sack with his claws.
Rabbit ran and hid behind a tree, and Tiger reached around and grabbed him. 
"You fool!" shouted Rabbit. "You've grabbed hold of the tree root. You haven't got me!"
Tiger believed Rabbit and let him go, and Rabbit ran off laughing.

Inspired by: Folklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: Parsons classifies this story as: Subsitute / Mistaken Hold, and this version comes from Trinidad. You can find it online at Hathi Trust. She also cites a fun variant, also from Trinidad, where Tiger ends up under Rabbit's bed and grabs him, and Rabbit convinces Tiger he's got hold of the bed leg.


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