Tiny Tales in Latin: Aesop

I've started writing some "centum verba" stories: Aesop's fables in Latin, with 100 words per story. You can see all the Latin stories here, and you can also see a different presentation at the Bestiaria Latina blog, where I'm including dictionary help with each fable. I had to put this on the back burner during the school year, but summer arrives on May 8 for me, and I'll be jumping right back in with more Latin fables. If you have any special favorites you want to request, let me know. :-)

001: Leo et Canis
002: Leo Amatorius et Silvanus
003: Vulpes, Simius, et Leonis Edictum
004: Vulpes et Vermiculus
005: Lupus et Rusticus, Compatres
006: Leo Senex et Vulpes
007: Vulpes et Mulieres
008: Lupus et Pastoris Vestimentum
009: Vulpes Sine Cauda
010: Lupus et Histrix
011: Simia et Gemelli Eius
012: Simiae et Viatores Duo
013: Ranae et Rex Earum
014: Ursus et Apes
015: Camelus et Iuppiter
016: Cervus et Amici Eius
017: Herinacei et Viperae
018: Lepus Cornua Cupiens
019: Talpa et Olitor
020: Mus in Cervisia
021: Leo et Mus
022: Asinus et Leo
023: Cerva in Spelunca
024: Mures, Feles, et Tintinnabulum
025: Asinus et Tympana
026: Leo et Tauri Duo
027: Minerva et Naufragus
028: Feles, Vulpes, et Lupus
029: Feles, Aquila, et Sus
030: Muli et Latrones
031: Lepus, Aquila et Scarabaeus
032: Rusticus et Asellus Aratrum Portans
033: Catus et Rattus
034: Mors et Cupido
035: Mus Rusticus et Mus Urbanus
036: Senex a Morte Admonitus
037: Pater, Filius, et Asinus
038: Vulpes et Taxus

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