Rabbit Befriends the Anteater

Tiger used to tease little Anteater. "You're so scrawny you're not even worth eating!" Tiger said.
Rabbit felt sorry for Anteater. "Come to my house," Rabbit said. "You need to eat more than just ants!"
Anteater got strong and fat on Rabbit's food. 
Next time he saw Tiger, he shouted, "Come fight me, Tiger! I'm not so scrawny now!" Then he waved his claws at Tiger. Next, he pulled up a banana plant and squeezed the juice from its stem. "I'll squeeze the juice right out of you too!" he shouted at Tiger.
Tiger ran off, terrified.
Rabbit just laughed.

Inspired by: Young Brer Rabbit and Other Trickster Tales from the Americas by Jaqueline Shachter Weiss.
Notes: This story is on p. 15: "Young Anteater." Weiss notes that the story comes from Venezuela.  In the original story, both Tiger and Fox persecute Anteater, and Rabbit builds snares that capture both of them when they run away from Anteater.

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