Rabbit and Partridge Butcher a Cow

Rabbit and Partridge killed and butchered a cow.
"You take that leg," Rabbit said to Partridge, "and I'll take this leg. Then we'll come back to divide the rest."
Partridge took the leg. 
Rabbit waited till she was gone and then dragged the rest of the cow away.
When Rabbit came back, Partridge yelled, "Where's the rest?"
"I saw your family drag it away, you scheming thief!" shouted Rabbit.
"They did no such thing!" said Partridge.
"Well, it's dark," Rabbit admitted. "Some other birds must have done it."
Partridge knew Rabbit was lying. "I'll pay him back someday!" she vowed.

Inspired byNegro Myths from the Georgia Coast by Charles C. Jones.
Notes: This story is "Buh Rabbit, Buh Partridge, and the Cow." 

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