Gator Catches Rabbit Stealing Eggs

Gator caught Rabbit stealing his eggs. "I left my whip at home," Gator said, "so I'll tie you up in this sack till I come back."
Then Rabbit sang. "Going to heaven in my sack, tra-la-la. Heaven, here I come!"
Wolf walked by and heard Rabbit singing. "Take me to heaven!" he said.
"You can take my place," said Rabbit. "You deserve it!"
Wolf let Rabbit out, got in, and thanked Rabbit as he tied the sack shut. 
"Have a good trip!" Rabbit said and hid the bushes.
Gator came back and beat Wolf in the sack.
Rabbit just laughed.

Inspired byNegro Myths from the Georgia Coast by Charles C. Jones.
Notes: This story is "Buh Alligator, Buh Rabbit, and Buh Wolf." 


  1. Hahaha that's what Wolf gets for being so credulous!

  2. Poor Wolf, he gets beaten despite doing nothing wrong and the dishonest Rabbit gets away with everything yet again!