Conjure-Man Sends Rabbit to Catch Snake

"Teach me wisdom," Rabbit said to Conjure-Man.
"You've got plenty!' Conjure-Man replied.
"I want more!" insisted Rabbit.
"Bring me Snake alive," said Conjure-Man, "and then I'll tell you something."
Rabbit went looking for Snake. "Conjure-Man says you're shorter than this stick," Rabbit said, waving a stick. "I say longer."
"Yesssss, I'm longer!" said Snake. He slithered along the stick, stretching, stretching, stretching; then lickity-split: Rabbit tied Snake to the stick and took him back to Conjure-Man.
"Well done!" said Conjure-Man. "Now here's what I'll tell you: neither Snake, nor me, nor anybody will be safe if you get more wisdom."

Inspired byNegro Myths from the Georgia Coast by Charles C. Jones.
Notes: This story is "Buh Rabbit and the Conjure Man." 

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