Who's Stealing from Brer Bear's Well?

Instead of digging his own well, Brer Rabbit kept stealing water from Brer Bear's well.
"I don't know who's stealing from my well," Brer Bear said, "but I'm going to find out!"
Brer Brer asked Brer Crawfish for help. "Guard my well, Brer Crawfish," he said, "and grab anybody who steals my water. I'll reward you if you catch him."
That night, Brer Rabbit came to steal the water, and Brer Crawfish grabbed hold, but Brer Rabbit wriggled away. 
Brer Crawfish was left holding Brer Rabbit's tail.
That's why he just has a little stump of a tail even now!

Inspired by: Negro Myths from the Georgia Coast by Charles C. Jones.
Notes: This story is "Buh Rabbit and the Crawfish." 

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