~ 159. The Princess and the Slave ~

A princess fell in love with a slave. She had to see him, but how?
The princess sent her handmaidens to him, and they gave him drugged wine. Then the handmaidens carried him, asleep, to the princess.
He awoke, and the princess took him into her bed.
Before dawn, the princess sent him to sleep again with more drugged wine, and the handmaids carried him back.
When he awoke the next morning, he did not know what to think. Was it a dream? Was it real?
He spent the rest of his life remembering that one night.
It was love.

Inspired by: The Conference of the Birds by Farid Ud-Din Attar, translated by S. C. Nott
Notes: This is in section 43: The Princess in Love with her Slave.

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