~ 158. The Prisoner and the Prayer Rug ~

An honest man had been wrongly imprisoned. 
His wife sent him a prayer rug that she had woven herself with an intricate pattern.
Kneeling upon the rug, the man prayed. Days and months passed, and as he prayed and gazed upon the rug, he finally realized the pattern was a map of the prison.
Committing the map to memory, the man escaped, leaving the rug behind for any other prisoners who could read the signs.
When he emerged from the prison, he found his wife there waiting, sure that someday he would emerge from the darkness back into the light.

Inspired byThe Little Book of Sufi Parables by Nico Neruda
Notes: This is story 16 in the book. The story in the book is more elaborate where the man is a locksmith and what is woven into the rug is the pattern of a lock, and with the help of the guards he gets the metal he needs to make a key so that he and the guards can escape. I simplified the story here.

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