~ 180. The Camel and the Mouse ~

There was a camel whose head-rope was dragging on the ground. 
A mouse grabbed the rope and shouted, "I've got the camel's rope in my paws: I am a camel-driver! Go forth, camel, and I'll guide you!"
But when the camel reached the river, the mouse didn't know what to do. "I can't cross this river!" he squeaked.
The camel stepped into the river. "It's only knee-deep," she said.
"But my knee is not your knee," protested the little mouse. "Help me!"
"Jump on my hump, and I'll carry you," said the camel, smiling. "You can be a camel-rider instead."

Inspired by: The English prose version of Rumi in Tales from the Masnavi by A. J. Arberry.
Notes: This is story 61 in the book.

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