Tiny Tales series

Welcome to the homepage for the TINY TALES series of traditional myths and folktales retold in 100 words!

Each of the books will contain two hundred of these tiny stories. The way I create the books is by finding and writing three hundred tiny stories which I publish at this blog. Then, I sort through the three hundred to find the best ones to include in each book, while all the other stories are here at the blog for you to read and enjoy also. :-)

Here is an update on the series so far:

1. Tiny Tales of Nasruddin. This book is complete! It is available free to read online as a Pressbook or downloadable digital file (PDF, MOBI, EPUB), and there is also a Kindle version. Find out more at:

2. Tiny Tales from India. This book will contain Buddhist Jatakas, stories from the Panchatantra and other folktales, parables from Ramakrishna, plus stories of Birbal and Tenalirama. Publication date: appx. July 10. (Current status: final proofreading.)

3. Tiny Tales from Aesop. This book will contain Aesop's fables from the Greek and Roman classical tradition along with fables from medieval, Renaissance, and later Aesopic authors. Publication date: appx. July 24. (Current status: proofreading.)

4. Tiny Tales from the Sufis. This book will contain Sufi stories from a variety of sources. Publication date: appx. October 21. (Current status: collecting and writing stories; stories so far.)

5. Tiny Tales of Anansi. This book will contain Anansi stories from Caribbean sources; I may or may not include African Anansi stories (see #7 below). Publication date: appx. November 23. (Current status: collecting and writing stories; stories so far.)

6. Tiny Tales of Brer Rabbit. This book will contain Brer Rabbit stories, along with other African American folktales, focusing on animal tales. Publication date: appx. December 26. (Current status: I'm not currently working on this project, but I will start work in mid-July.)

7. Tiny Tales from Africa. This book will contain African folktales, with an emphasis on the African sources for the Anansi and Brer Rabbit stories in #5 and #6 above. Publication date: appx. January 28. (Current status: I'm not currently working on this project, but I will start work in mid-August.)

Plus plans for many more books to come! Tentatively planned for the coming year are the books listed above plus follow-up volumes for Nasruddin, India, and Africa, along with tales of Hanuman, and three Native American collections: Southeastern Nations, Southwestern Nations, and Coyote.

Thank you for your interest. :-)

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