Tiny Tales series

Welcome to the homepage for the TINY TALES series of
traditional myths and folktales retold in 100 words.

Each completed book is free to read online as a Pressbook or you can download a free digital file (PDF, mobi, epub); you can also listen to a free audiobook. In addition, you can purchase a Kindle version or paperback version from Amazon. There are SIX books available as of November 21: five books of stories, plus a teaching guide.

1. Tiny Tales of Nasruddin 
2. Tiny Tales from India
3. Tiny Tales from Aesop
4. Tiny Tales Teaching Guide
6. Tiny Tales of Anansi

Each book contains two hundred of these tiny stories. For each book, I write three hundred tiny stories here at the blog. Then, I sort through through those to find the best two hundred to put in the book. If you are curious about the process, here's more information: Documenting the Tiny Tales Project.


7. Tiny Tales from the Ramayana. This book will contain a version of the Ramayana told in 100-word episodes. Tentative publication date: late December. (Current status: proofreading; tentative table of contents.)

7. Tiny Tales from the Mahabharata. This book will contain a version of the Mahabharata told in 100-word episodes. Tentative publication date: early February. (Current status: writing.)

Plus plans for many more books to come! Tentatively planned for the coming year are the forthcoming books listed above plus trickster stories about Brer Rabbit, Coyote, and Anansi (African Anansi stories next time).


  1. I think your tiny books may have just saved this teacher's "asteroid." I'll let you know (hopefully the academic coordinator will approve).

    1. I am so glad if they can be useful! The Sufis are coming in October, and then Anansi in November. There are so many of these collections I want to create just based on my own interest (I'm learning so much!), and it's even better to know they might be useful to others. :-)

  2. I love the Sufis! I have one student who likes fanfiction. I am going to check out pressbooks to motivate him.

    1. Excellent! I'm going to see if some students in my class want to do a microfiction anthology together this semester. I'll document my process here if we do that. People have written some great 100-word stories so far, and it's just Week 3. :-)

  3. ...checking in....used Aesop stories every day this past month in Google Classroom!

    1. oh my gosh, I am so delighted to hear that! my students have been using them too: one of them is doing an Aesop's fables mash-up with Game of Thrones which is going to be really fun! thanks for letting me know :-)