Tiny Tales series

Welcome to the homepage for the TINY TALES series of
traditional myths and folktales retold in 100 words!

Each completed book is free to read online as a Pressbook or you can download a free digital file (PDF, mobi, epub); you can also listen to a free audiobook. In addition, you can purchase a Kindle version or paperback version from Amazon. There are four books available as of July 26: three books of stories, plus a teaching guide.

1. Tiny Tales of Nasruddin 
2. Tiny Tales from India
3. Tiny Tales from Aesop
4. Tiny Tales Teaching Guide

Each book contains two hundred of these tiny stories. For each book, I write three hundred tiny stories here at the blog. Then, I sort through through those to find the best two hundred to put in the book. If you are curious about the process, here's more information: Documenting the Tiny Tales Project.


5. Tiny Tales from the Sufis. This book will contain Sufi stories from a variety of sources. Publication date: appx. October 21. (Current status: editing; tentative table of contents.)

6. Tiny Tales of Anansi. This book will contain Anansi stories from Caribbean sources; I may or may not include African Anansi stories (see #7 below). Publication date: appx. November 23. (Current status: collecting and writing stories; stories so far.)

7. Tiny Tales of Hanuman. This book will contain stories about the Indian monkey-god Hanuman. Publication date: appx. December 26. (Current status: collecting and writing stories; stories so far.)

8. Tiny Tales of Krishna. This book will contain stories about the Indian hero-god Krishna. Publication date: appx. January 28. (Current status: I'm not currently working on this project, but I will start work in mid-August; the goal is to have stories available by Week 10 of Fall semester.)

Plus plans for many more books to come! Tentatively planned for the coming year are the books listed above plus stories from the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, stories of Brer Rabbit and also African folktales, plus a series of Native American stories from the southeast and southwest with a focus on Coyote.

Thank you for your interest. :-)

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