70. King Ibrahim and the Old Sufi

An old Sufi came looking for Ibrahim in the wilderness.
Ibrahim welcomed him and served him a splendid banquet.
"How is this possible?" asked the old man, amazed.
"God provides," said Ibrahim, smiling kindly.
"How long have you been a Sufi?" the old man asked.
"I gave up my throne two years ago."
"But I've been a seeker for thirty years and God doesn't provide for me like this."
God's own voice rang out. "Ibrahim never thinks about the throne he gave up, while you never stop thinking about the sacrifices you have made."
At last, the old Sufi understood.

Inspired bySufi Stories from Around the World by Debjani Chatterjee
Notes: This is story 10 in the book. The original story is told about two Sufis who visit Ibrahim, with Al-Khidr making an appearance at the start and the end of the story; I had to condense that to make it fit, using the voice of God instead. The voice of God figures in other stories about Ibrahim, as here: King Ibrahim Hears the Voice.

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