The Wolf and the Two Sheepdogs

Looking down from a high rock, a wolf saw two sheepdogs who were fighting, inflicting serious wounds on one another. "Excellent!" thought the wolf. "Their disagreement is my opportunity!"
The wolf then rushed down from the rock, attacked the flock, grabbed a fat sheep, and ran off.
When the dogs saw the wolf, they immediately stopped fighting and gave chase. The dogs rescued the sheep and wounded the wolf so badly that he barely got away.
The wolf's wife asked him later what had happened. "I saw the two sheepdogs fighting," he replied, "and those dogs' domestic quarrel deceived me."

Inspired byMille Fabulae et Una, a collection of Latin fables that I've edited, free to read online. I am not translating the Latin here; instead, I am just telling a 100-word version of the fable.
Notes: This is fable 80 in the book, which is a fable from Abstemius.

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