The Wife Who Attended Her Own Funeral

An unfaithful wife plotted with her maid. "Tell my husband I'm dead!" she said.
The maid took the grieving husband to the burning-grounds and showed him someone else's remains.
Tearfully, he accepted his wife's ashes and bones.
Then, he prepared the sraddha. The maid recommended the wife's lover as a worthy brahmin the husband could employ.
As the pretend-brahmin was conducting the ritual, the wife appeared and joined in the feast.
"How can this be?" exclaimed the husband, amazed by her supernatural appearance.
"Your wife's great chastity," explained the maid, "allows her to return to this world for the sraddha."

Inspired byThe Ocean of Story by Somadeva, translated by C.H. Tawney: Volume 5.
Notes: This is Story 102. In the original story, the foolish husband conducts a whole series of sraddha rituals, and the wife appears again and again at each one, supernaturally. For more about sraddha rituals, see Wikipedia.

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