163. The Judge and his Son

A farmer's wife was sleeping with the judge and with the judge's son.
One day, the son was there when his father arrived.
"Hide in the closet!" she said.
The judge came in.
Then she saw her husband coming too.
"Leave now, and look angry!" she told the judge.
"Why was the judge so angry?" her husband asked.
"He's angry at his son! I don't know why," she said. "The son needed to hide, so I put him in the closet. Come out now, boy! Your father's gone."
The judge's son thanked them both.
"You're welcome!" said the gullible husband.

Inspired byHitopadesha, or, The Book of Good Counsel translated by B. Hale-Wortham
Notes: It is in Book 2, Story 7.

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