~ 26. Nasruddin and the Milkman ~

Nasruddin had gone to the milkman to get a gallon of cow's milk. He waited in line and then presented the milkman with the container he had brought with him.
"A gallon of cow's milk," he said to the milkman.
"I'm sorry, Nasruddin," the milkman replied, "but the container you've brought is much too small. There's no way a gallon of cow's milk will fit into that container."
Nasruddin stood there thinking.
"I know!" he said at last. "Instead of a gallon of cow's milk, give me a gallon of goat's milk. Goat's milk will be just the right size!"

Inspired byClassic Tales of Mulla Nasreddin retold by Houman Farzad, and translated by Diane Wilcox
Notes: This story is on p. 30 of the book.

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