~ 193. Nasruddin's Funeral Arrangements ~

Nasruddin was getting his affairs in order because he had a sense that his life was coming to an end. He arranged his will, said goodbye to his friends, and then he gave strict instructions to his wife about his funeral arrangements.
"And the most important thing," he concluded, "is that you bury me in the ground upside-down: feet up and head down."
His wife was shocked. "That sounds very strange!"
"Everyone says that on the Day of Judgment, the whole world will be turned upside-down," Nasruddin explained. "When that happens, then I'll be the only one who is right-side-up!"

Inspired byThe Best Anecdotes of Nasreddin Hoca by Kemal Yorenc
Notes: This story is on p. 26 of the book. For more about the Islamic Day of Judgment, or Yawm al-Din, see Wikipedia.

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