~ 192. Nasruddin's Pet Lamb ~

Nasruddin had a beloved pet lamb, but his friends wanted to roast Nasruddin's lamb and eat it.
"Judgment Day is coming!" Nasruddin's friends told him. "We better eat that lamb of yours before the world ends."
Nasruddin agreed, and his friends organized a picnic.
While the lamb was roasting, everyone undressed and went swimming. Nasruddin, however, sat alone by the fire, and when the fire died down, he burned the clothes to keep the fire going.
Then his friends returned. "How could you burn our clothes?" they yelled.
"What's the difference?" Nasruddin replied. "You won't need clothes on Judgment Day."

Inspired byNasreddin Hodja: The Turk Who Makes the World Laugh by Mehmet Ali Birant
Notes: This story is on p. 46 of the book.

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