The Bad-Luck Face

The king had a servant nicknamed "Bad-Luck." The first person who saw Bad-Luck's face first each day had bad luck all day long.
One morning before dawn the king visited the kitchen; there he saw Bad-Luck.
Sure enough, he had a terrible day: bad news, bad headache, everything bad.
"I'm going to execute that servant!" he shouted.
Tenalirama led Bad-Luck to the gallows.
"Although, Your Highness, please consider: you saw Bad-Luck's face first today, and he saw yours first. Now he's facing death. Whose face is more unlucky?"
The king had to laugh. "Release the prisoner!"
Tenalirama had triumphed again!

Inspired byTenali Raman: Tales of Wit and Wisdom by Kavitha Mandana
Notes: This story is on p. 123 of the book.

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