180. Tenalirama and the King's Bad Luck

King Krishnadevaraya had a servant nicknamed "Bad-Luck."
The first person who saw Bad-Luck's face first each day had bad luck all day long.
One early morning the king visited the kitchen; there he saw Bad-Luck, and then he had a terrible day: bad news, bad headache, everything bad.
"I'm going to execute that servant!" the king shouted.
As Tenalirama led Bad-Luck to the gallows, he said, "O King, consider this: you saw Bad-Luck's face first today, and he saw yours first. Now he's facing death. Whose face is more unlucky?"
The king laughed. "Release the prisoner!"
Tenalirama had triumphed again.

Inspired byTenali Raman: Tales of Wit and Wisdom by Kavitha Mandana
Notes: This story is on p. 123 of the book.

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