176. Tenalirama's Face

Tenalirama had done it again: King Krishnadevaraya was furious at his latest prank.
"Get out of here!" the king shouted at him. "And never show your face in court again!"
The next day, the king was shocked when the herald announced Tenalirama was coming. When the jester entered, the king saw he had a huge iron soup pot on his head.
"Greetings, Your Highness!" Tenalirama shouted, his words echoing weirdly inside the pot.
"But I told you..."
"You told me never to show my face in court again," said Tenalirama.
The king laughed and forgave Tenalirama, as he always did.

Inspired byThe Wit of Tenali Raman by Devika Rangachari
Notes: This story is on p. 74 of the book. The punishment is for a complicated prank in which Tenalirama tricks the father of the king's new bride into throwing a shoe at the king in order to satisfy a bet.

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