Tenalirama and the Lost-and-Found Purse

A beggar and a merchant came to Tenalirama's court.
"I saw he dropped this purse containing a hundred gold coins," said the beggar. "I tried to return it to him!"
"My purse contained two hundred gold coins," protested the merchant. "That thieving beggar owes me a hundred more!"
"I'm sure you both speak the truth," Tenalirama said, though he knew the merchant was a notorious liar.
"Keep the purse and coins," he told the beggar. "Nobody has reported a lost purse containing a hundred coins."
Then, he said to the merchant, smiling, "I hope someone finds your lost purse soon!"

Inspired byFix Your Problems the Tenali Raman Way by Vishal Goyal
Notes: This story is on p. 177 of the book.

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