173. Tenalirama and his Brother-in-Law

Tenalirama's greedy brother-in-law raided the royal orchard, so King Krishnadevaraya ordered him to be executed.
Tenalirama's sister begged Tenalirama to help them, and he agreed to intercede with the king.
As soon as the king saw Tenalirama he shouted, "I know why you're here: it's to save that wretched brother-in-law of yours! Well, I absolutely refuse to do whatever you ask on his behalf. I won't do it!"
Tenalirama smiled. "I was coming here to ask you to execute him, rascal that he is. But I understand: you will not execute him."
The king laughed.
Tenalirama had done it again!

Inspired byThe Wit of Tenali Raman by Devika Rangachari
Notes: This story is on p. 31 of the book.

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