~ 32. Nasruddin's House Catches Fire ~

Nasruddin's house happened to catch on fire while Nasruddin was in the coffeehouse. One of his neighbors came bursting in to tell him the bad news.
"Nasruddin!" he shouted. "Come quickly! Your house is on fire!"
Nasruddin jumped up and ran to see what had happened. It was true: his house really was on fire. Flames were shooting up into the air and the whole structure was about to collapse.
Nasruddin, however, just stood there smiling.
"What can you be smiling about?" his neighbor asked.
Nasruddin replied, "Don't you see? I've finally gotten rid of those damn bedbugs at last!"

Inspired byNasreddin Hodja: The Turk Who Makes the World Laugh by Mehmet Ali Birant
Notes: This story is on p. 62 of the book. Compare this Indian folktale: Burning Down the House.

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