~ 80. Getting Fooled by Nasruddin ~

Nasruddin had a friend he'd known for a long time.
"You're quite the trickster," Nasruddin's friend said, "but I've seen all your tricks. You can fool everybody else, but you can't fool me."
Nasruddin scratched his head thoughtfully and then he said, "Wait here! I think I know a way to fool you. I'll be right back!"
"Okay," the man agreed. "You can try if you want, but I'm going to be on my guard!"
The man stood there and waited.
And waited.
And as he was waiting, he realized ... Nasruddin wasn't coming back.
Nasruddin had fooled him after all.

Inspired byThe Best Anecdotes of Nasreddin Hoca by Kemal Yorenc
Notes: This story is on p. 86 of the book.

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