~ 79. A Token of Friendship ~

One of Nasruddin's dearest friends was moving away to a distant city.
"I'll miss you," said Nasruddin's friend.
"I'll miss you too," Nasruddin replied.
"Hey, I've got an idea!" said his friend. "Why don't you give me that gold ring of yours as a memento? Then, whenever I look at that ring on my finger, I'll remember that you gave it to me."
Nasruddin thought for a moment.
"I've got a better idea," he said. "I won't give you my gold ring, and that way whenever you look at your finger, you'll remember that I didn't give it to you."

Inspired byMulla's Donkey and Other Friends by Mehdi Nakosteen
Notes: This story is on p. 101 of the book.

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