~ 18. Nasruddin Visits the Prisoners ~

As an act of charity, Nasruddin went to the prison to talk with all the prisoners and console them.
When they spoke, each inmate told Nasruddin that they were imprisoned unjustly. "I'm innocent," they told him, one after another.
One inmate, however, did not protest. "I'm guilty of my crimes," he said, "and that's why I'm here in prison."
As soon as Nasruddin heard that, he went to see the warden.
"You have to free this prisoner immediately!" Nasruddin told the warden. "Otherwise, he's going to be a terrible influence on all the innocent men you have locked up here."

Inspired by The Wit and Wisdom of Nasraddin Hodja by Nejat Muallimoglu
Notes: This story is on p. 64 of the book.

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